Photos: The Internet @ The Echo | Downtown Lobby

Photo by: Tiffany Luong

Odd Future's DJ Syd tha Kyd and producer Matt Martians aka The Internet made their live debut last night to a sold out crowd at The Echo. Fans came out by the hundreds and tons were left outside hoping to score a ticket in. But once inside you can tell that this was a show for family and friends. As expected, The entire OFWGKTA were also there to support the usually shy friend Syd. But once she hit the stage with a full band, she completely opened up and showed her full potential.

The Internet ran through a long set list that included almost all of the track off of their debut LP “Purple Naked Ladies”. During their performance of “Lincoln” and “Cocaine”, their fellow OF mates Left Brain and Mike G took the mic to spit out their verses on the track. This entire show felt like a celebration, and you were able to feel it in the performance, in Syd’s interaction with fans and by the crowds reaction to every song. As of now, there are no other US dates on their schedule but we hope to see this band play again soon. Check out all of the photos taken from last nights debut show by clicking the link below.

Photoset: The Internet at The Echo on 5/25

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